And the Beat Goes On

Baby's heartbeat that is! We went to our doctor appointment on Tuesday and all is well. Baby's heart was beating at 150 bpm. It's always such a calming reassuring sound to listen to the heartbeat. Wish I could listen to it everyday.

I was sent to get my second set of genetic testing. Thankfully this time it was only one vile not nine like last time! Just with one draw they still managed to bruise up my arm pretty bad and has been sore ever since. The doctor also gave me the paperwork to schedule my anatomy scan. Wow I can't believe we're there already. I called and made my appointment and scheduled it for Tuesday morning January 3rd. Then I got the dreaded "drink 20 oz of water one hour before you come in but don't pee." yikes! I hope I can hold it not only on the at there but during the 45 minute exam. Regardless we're looking forward to seeing the baby for an extended period of time instead of the rushed two minutes at the doctor's office. This is the appointment where we find outbid its a she or he but we have agreed to not find out. I'm really excited about that.

On Thursday we traveled to Northern California for the holidays. That was an adventure. I didn't anticipate bathroom breaks to be a problem since I can hold my pee for a good while. Well that was not the case. On average I think we stopped every hour. Boy did I feel relief when I'd go to. It was pretty bad but thankfully we always found an accessible bathroom.

We spent most of yesterday grocery shopping for dinner to tonight. Every where we went was super crowded and extended the amount of time we were there. By the end of it all 6 hours later I was pooped. My mom and sister poke fun at the fact that I get tired easily and it's still so early. They ask what I'll do later. That bothers and worries me. I didn't expect to feel this way so soon and sometimes I wonder if it's just me. I get mad at myself sometimes just for being so immobile. Everyday I say is going to be the day that I start yoga and it doesn't happen. :-( one of my goals was to stay fit during pregnancy and I feel I'm failing miserably. I'm hoping to be enlightened soon and lightened ;-) to get my butt moving for half an hour and not feel like I ran a marathon.

Last night was my first night sleeping uncomfortable and coming to terms with the fact that I can't lie flat on my back anymore. Again another milestone I thought would come later but has shown up early I feel. I also feel like my tummy got a huge growth spurt yesterday it just seemed bigger and most of the day it was like bring on that ligament pain baby!

All in all I'm so happy. My family has been teasing me a lot saying that it's all about me now and this pregnancy. It makes me feel bad at times but you know what, I don't anymore. I'm enjoying every day with this baby inside of me and enjoying the adventure of pregnancy. I enjoy every day since I don't know and there is no guarantee that I will get to experience this again.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas Eve!


TurtleMama said...

Glad everything is going well - When I was 10 weeks along I bought a fetal doppler machine, so I can listen to baby's heartbeat anytime. It was $50 off e-bay - very good investment. (sonoline brand)

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