I Need Someone to Keep Me Sane Right Now!

Do you see the faint line?

Am I crazy or is there a faint line? I'm so afraid to be excited right now. I took a test three days ago and it was negative. I've been spotting very light pink here and there for the past five days. Look at my chart below to see my temps.

Please give me your feedback. I feel like I'm crazy right now. I have so many emotions right now I don't even know what to think or feel or how to explain it all. I really hope this is real.
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On Standby said...

I DEFINITELY see a faint line!! I'm SOO hoping that this is your BFP!! I quit charting temps a long time ago so I'm not helpful with analyzing the fertility friend stuff - are your cycles normally that long? Mild, light pink spotting could be from implantation. My recommendation - call and request bloodwork ASAP because that will give you the clearest indication of what's going on. I totally understand the range of emotions you are probably feeling at this moment - excitement for see the line, but wondering what, if anything, the spotting means. Best wishes, girl!

Maria said...

I see 2 lines!!! Yay!
I know it is enough to drive a woman mad...analyzing the lines...maybe, get a digital...the lines are definitely dark enough that I think a digital would register a positive too!
Sending positive thoughts and prayers!
I think a Congratulations is in order!! :)

JustHeather said...

I definitely see two lines! May this be your sticky BFP that you've been waiting for.

ADSchill said...

I can't really tell based on that picture...but it seems like your cycle is a little long and you haven't gotten a 'real' period yet...so it's totally possible!
Oh Cyndi, I am SO pulling for you! Keep testing with different HPT's and schedule a Beta test! Try First Response, that's what gave me my first positive!

Good luck sweetie!!!

Residency Widow said...

Sorry, I know this won't help the anticipation but I definitely see a faint line. I see you took them at 3pm? Can you try a First Response test with first morning urine? That could give you a more clear answer.

I hope this is it.

Diana said...

I see it tooooooo!!! Hoping for the best sista!! Did u test again? ahhhhh I hope u get ur BFP :)

Summastarlet said...

I can see them too!! OMG very exciting!! Have you tested again?!?!?

Cyndi said...

Thanks everyone for replying. I'm posting from my iPhone so bare with me. So this all happened on Saturday afternoon. I was very anxious to test on Sunday morning with FMU hoping to see a darker line nut it wasn't. It was barely dectable. I can put two and two together and figure what's going on. I started to bleed more. Today, Monday I went in to do some blood work and I'll be back on Wednesday to do more. Once they compare the samples they can give me more information. I'm sad but this is also a small victory because now I know I can.

I'm hoping to post a new entry soon. My sister has been bogging my computer so I haven't had access. Thank you all!

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