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This is my second month participating in ICLW and I'm very excited to make new blogger friends. I find it very valuable to be able to share our stories and our journeys. In the end I think reading how others are dealing with IF is what keeps me sane.

Well our story in short we've been TTC#1 for 16 cycles now. We've obviously have been unsuccessful. Back in February we went to the doctor and asked the "Why hasn't this happened yet" question. We've both been tested and everything has come back clear. I ovulate on a regular basis so my OB/GYN wanted to start me on clomid unmonitored. I decided against that and have decided to try traditional chinese medicine. My husband and I are both taking herbs, vitamins, and getting acupuncture twice a month. We are putting our 100% into this for six months.

We've been on the new regimen for two weeks and so far so good. We haven't missed a dose of anything. I want to give this my all because the last thing I need at the end of six months is to wonder if it didn't happen because I wasn't consistent with vitamins!

We are both very hopeful that this will work since there appears to be nothing wrong with us. Being diagnosed with unexplained infertility has been rough. There's really nothing to fix and it appears that the universe is telling us things have just not been in the right balance for this to happen.

Well we're hoping to balance ourselves and get our bodies to be the healthiest version of itself to see if that makes a difference. I hope it will. It has only been two weeks but my husband and I have noticed a big difference in how we feel and in our overall outlook of things.

I've been a big coffee drinker (huge Starbucks fan), in order for this to work I needed to drop the coffee. I thought it would be a nightmare but it has not been bad at all and I actually don't miss it as much as I thought it would.

So so far all I can say is easy peasy. I'm officially in the 2ww as of today, we'll see what results of this cycle.

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Diana said...

hehe.. We already follow each other..
Hope you're having a nice weekend Cyndi! :)

And you will get good news soon... I know it. Keep up the good work with becoming healthier. You are going to feel great!!

Kristin said...

Here's hoping the traditional Chinese herbs make the difference for you. Having undiagnosed or unexplained infertility has got to be one of the toughest things to deal with.


C said...

I give up caffeine (Starbucks!) while I'm cycling, too. Very glad to have found your blog through ICLW.

Wishing you much success!

JustHeather said...

Stopping in for ICLW.

I hope the traditional Chinese herbs work for you and you're on your way to a new type of journey soon. I'm also interested in hearing how it works for you along the way.

Cyndi said...

Thanks for stopping by!

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