Thrown for a Loop

Well I thought everything was on a track but then I was thrown for a loop. I tested positive with an OPK on CD17 which is right on target. I use the clear blue digital opks and haven't really liked them. For those of you who use them you'll know that when you eject the test stick you can see the blue lines. Well the day I got my positive there wasn't two lines just the one so that was the first confusion but I got the smiley face so that's all I cared about.

On CD17 I was looking for the EWCM but didin't get anything. On CD18 I had a tiny bit but it could have been semen residue from the night before. I always have a hard time telling the difference.

Come CD22 I have a bunch of EWCM, probably the most I have ever had. I didn't have an opk on me and wasn't able to test until I got home from work, it was negative.

So now it's like what the heck! I don't know for sure when I ovulated the good thing is that the days are not that far apart but it's still pretty frustrating to not know.

So have this ever happened to any of you. Does your positive opk always match up with your ewcm, or have you ever had a positive opk no mucus and then have mucus later?

Just curious to hear everyone's experience.

Other than that things have been pretty good. We really enjoyed our memorial day weekend and are really looking forward to summer. I booked my sister (who is still a teenager and eleven years younger then me) a ticket to come out for the summer for a month. I can't wait to spend time with her.
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Lavonne said...

I have found out that my body responds a little later to a "trigger" either artificial or real. I found out that I usually ovulate a little later than most after a trigger shot and usually a few days after a +OPK. Maybe you are doing the same. Or maybe your CM was just running a little late. Either way I hope you BD a lot and hope you get your BFP soon! :)

♥ C said...

Looking at my little calender on my Iphone for last month I had EWCM on day 16 and I tested on the 16th and that was negative. I then tested the next day the 17th and it was positive and so was the 18th. I then "according to my temp chart" ovulated on the 20th. I hope that helps.. this was the first time I ovulated since going off the pill and i ovulated late.

Do you do your temp as well? as that tells you heaps! if you go to my blog my chart is there and and you will see the drop in my temp then a shoot up in my temp and that also tells you that you have ovulated. Good luck!!

Cyndi said...

I do temp. I had a while ago I was using a mercury thermometer and now I started using a digital one for the first time. I don't know if it's the thermometer or me but my temps are kind of crazy.

C do you use digital or mercury thermometer?

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