Gray Easter

My Easter was so glum and colorless and eggless this year. I have always made it a tradition for myself to color eggs for Easter. Whether I was a kid, teenager or even now as an adult. Last year it didn't matter that I didn't have anyone to hide them for they were still fun to decorate and take pictures of.

This year I didn't do it. It wasn't a very conscious decision, or at least I didn't think it was until today. Today I realized I intentionally did not color eggs because I didn't need yet another reminder of what I didn't have. I had enough of a reminder with hearing the carloads of family driving in to visit my neighbors.

My husband and I felt so left out today. We don't have any family that live close by so having a big family dinner was not an option. We had developed a tradition during Easter to make a pot roast for the two of us but we didn't even do that this year.

So there we were this afternoon, just the two of us with our tv, eating pizza. Uh it was just awful. I've officially promised myself I will not downplay anymore holidays just because I don't have kids. I think not doing our usual thing made us more depressed.

So next year I'll have this blog post to remind myself to keep to our usual traditions and have fun! With or without kids.

Meanwhile I'm writing this while drinking ginger tea which is supposed to improve fertility and ease PMS symptoms. Yuck this stuff is not that great. The things we do!
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ADSchill said...

yeah, I hear you. I didn't really care one way or another this year about Easter. My hubby decided to work, my mom was at work, and I ate a little dinner with my sister and her family, but my heart wasn't in it. Someday it will be. For both of us.


M said...

Thanks for the comments. I like your thinking...we're going to feel down on the holidays no matter what, so you're right, it's better to just do what you normally do instead of downplaying it.

Cyndi said...

MC - I really hope so because it feels so empty most of the time.

M - Thank you for your email!

Summastarlet said...

Holidays are never much fun as an infertile. Good plan to still do something special even if you don't have your baby. xx

I have nominated you for a blogging award. Check out for details!

Kim said...

Hi Cyndi,

I'm sorry about your "gray" Easter. I know how you feel... I've been in the middle of my first IVF cycle. All month long I've been picturing my ovaries like full easter baskets (trying to remain positive, you know?) brimming with beautiful eggs. My retrieval was on Good Friday... results not as expected. My transfer was Monday... again... results not as expected and we'll leave it like that...

One good thing though is that Easter started National Infertility Awareness Week and that gives a chance to speak out. :o)

I hope your week get's better. :o) Here from the ICLW.

Kim @ The Ladies in Waiting Book Club

Fran said...

So sorry about the colourless Easter...Here's hoping next year will be a hell of a lot different!

ICLW #131

- said...

Hello Cyndi, I am here from ICLW and have to say I totally understand. My husband and I didn't even go to Mass this Easter! We just couldn't face a church filled with families, babies, ribbons and bows. I hope that next Easter is better for both of us!

Cyndi said...

Thanks everyone for your support. It really means a lot!

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