Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I check out. I am okay. I had my HSG done last Tuesday. It was everything I expected it to be, nerve wrecking, scary, and provided answers, somewhat.

I have to say that the staff at the outpatient center made me feel very comfortable and helped calm my nerves some. Most helpful was my nurse Margaret. Margaret was so nice and since you can't have your mom sit there and hold your hand through the procedure, she did, which was very comforting.

A thing I did not expect was to have a male doctor doing the procedure. It never crossed my mind as a possibility. I've been lucky to have only female obgyns all my life and was comfortable with that. When I found out I would have a male doctor I was a little apprehensive. He turned out to be great, and made me feel comfortable. He was young, I wasn't expecting that.

The procedure itself was everything like what I had read. He inserted the the catheter and with the inflation of the little balloon to hold it in place I felt a little pressure, more like feeling like I had to go pee. He started inserting the iodine and that didn't hurt like I expected to. My left tube cleared right away, nothing was coming out of the right yet thought so the doctor said he would insert more to create more pressure. Holy crap when he did that then it finally hurt. Awful cramp and more than anything I just wanted to move but I couldn't. With that extra iodine my right tube finally cleared. The pressure released as soon as he took everything out. He said more than likely there were some lesions in the left tube but that it wouldn't be a problem anymore since everything was now clear and looked good. I didn't have any scar tissue, no polyps, nothing.

Although this is good news it still didn't answer the big questions. Why haven't I gotten pregnant? My only guess is that maybe I mostly ovulate on the right side and since that tube was not super clean it just wasn't working. This month and the two thereafter will really be the test to that. To be honest I am now really hoping and expecting that I will get pregnant soon. If I don't then I'm really screwed. Then I'm that 10% unexplained infertility which to me seems more frustrating then having a condition that I can work on fixing.

Here's to hoping and I am very hopeful this month. I've been on vacation since Wednesday, spent four days in San Francisco and four days now in Las Vegas while DH is at a conference. Meanwhile I'm really enjoying everything the Wynn resort has to offer. That includes being lazy next to the pool all day. I'm on CD 14 and expect to ovulate within the next three days. It very well maybe that we conceive in Vegas. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (At least I hope!)

On another note, I did not read anywhere how sore I would feel after the HSG. I had a hard time explaining the feeling to DH but it felt like a bruise, a big bruise in that area. It lasted about 2-3 days. I thought I would be ready to get down and busy that same day but I was in too much pain. I also expected to be discharging iodine for a few days and I didn't, at all . . . weird?

At the moment, I still need to meet with my doctor to discuss the HSG results, but from previous conversations I know her next step was going to be putting me on Clomid. DH and I have discussed the possibility of multiples and decided what we would do if that were to happen. The doctor wanted to make sure we were on the same page before taking Clomid.

I am a bit worried about taking Clomid. I'm so punctual with my cycles and I know I'm ovulating so what the heck is Clomid going to do to me. All questions for the doc I guess.

I'm wrapping up my vacation tomorrow. Back to reality but at least I got a refresh and I'll be ready to deal with this cycle ahead of me.
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