Hello Sacramento

Hello Sacramento! I decided to tag along with my husband on his business trip to Sacramento. We decided to drive to see our family in the Bay Area in the beginning of the week and we'll return there on Friday before heading back to San Diego on Sunday.

Sacramento . . . so far okay. I really wanted to go to museums and visit the state capital since we're staying just down the street but today I decided I'd venture to the mall and kind of acclimate myself. I Yelped a place to eat for lunch and due to lack of parking walked there from the mall. It was only a couple of blocks away so I thought no big deal. Well I didn't feel very comfortable walking in downtown. I felt super paranoid holding on to my purse for dear life. I don't know maybe I'm a scardy cat but still you know you just get a feeling. So I got my sandwich and I hurried my butt back to the mall back to my car and back to the hotel.

I've decided I'll just stay close to the hotel for the next couple of days and wait for my husband in the afternoon and go venture out. :-/ Not ideal but I'll just spend my day catching up on my reading and truly relaxing.

On the TTC front there's nothing much to report and that kind of feels good. I'm suspicious that I may be ovulating soon but ehhhh, whatever for now. I'm just enjoying my time off and living today . . . at least for now.
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