The Infertility Cure

Many of you have had questions about the acupuncture, herb and vitamin treatment for infertility that I'm currently on. We decided to take this route first before taking clomid because we liked the idea of fixing the balance in our bodies. I say we and yes both my husband and I are being treated together. Our doctor strongly believes that it's important to treat the unit to get the most benefits out of treatment although I know women can be successful being treated on their own.

I discovered this book several months in to my treatment and wish I would have discovered it sooner as it explains treatment and what it's doing to your body thoroughly. When we started sure I knew the basics but didn't really understand what the needles were actually doing.  Sometimes it was hard for me to believe that needles piercing your skin in certain places could have such an effect on your body. I didn't need to know exactly how it worked to feel the benefits because as soon as I get up from the table I feel the difference.

I highly recommend this book if your curious or would like to look into this type of treatment. It's very informative and what I loved is that it's written by one of us! The author was in medical school and trying to get pregnant. She was unsuccessful with medical treatments and went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. She started treatment and was pregnant in three months! She believed so much in it that she stopped going to medical school to study TCM and become a practitioner. Since then she has become a practitioner and is a very successful one.

The book reviews different reasons why we don't get pregnant including known medical conditions that don't prevent but hinder conception like PCOS and endometriosis.  A quiz is included to find where your deficiencies are in your body and in the back of the book she lists foods to eat and foods to avoid to bring balance back to those areas where our bodies are deficient.

During the completion of my last cycle I had had it. We saw Dr. J and I told him how frustrated I was and tired. This is a very intense treatment that involves a lot on your behalf and your partner's behalf. After roughly three months and three cycles and one BFP for the first time followed by a miscarriage a few days later I had it. So Dr. J suggested we take a break. That actually freaked me out a little bit. So I negotiated. I would still take my herbs and vitamins but not temp, not chart, and not keep track of my cycle at all. Not read any books dealing with infertility. You see a theme here a constant battle with being in control and in balance. Something I always find myself working on. Dr. J feels I need to find a happy medium where I'm doing my treatment successfully while keeping control but not over-obsessing.  Easier said than done buddy!

Anywho I remember the first day of my last cycle and have been so tempted to go on fertility friend to find out exactly where I'm at but that would violate the rules I set for myself. I estimate that I'm around day 30ish. I think I will wait this our for two more weeks, yes two more weeks before I either test of Ms. AF should show by then.

So I'm waiting now. Comparing every little thing I feel to the one month where I did get a BFP. That cycle haunts me so much. I need to move past it but I know it won't happen anytime soon but someday it won't hurt as much anymore.


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the ICLW- I love this book. I actually went to one of Randine's retreats and loved it. Best of luck on your TCM journey!

Happy ICLW! #20

Sarah said...

I am a big believer in Chinese Medicine. Unfortunatly it couldn't help us because my tubes were blocked, but while doing the treatments I did see differences in my body for the better!

If you are interested there is a great book called "The Web that has No Weaver" that explain the connection between Eastern and Western Medicine

Happy ICLW

Cyndi said...

Sarah thanks so much for the book recommendation! I've added it to my to-read list :-)

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