I often question how I will continue to survive in a world where I am childless surrounded by a constant reminder of what I don't have. I see pregnant women on a daily basis without fail. I see cute kids in strollers everyday. It's a part of life, I can't run or hide from it. So I'm currently trying to learn how to deal with it. How to survive.

I was sick all weekend and am still trying to recover. I picked up the Jacycee Lee Dugard book "A Stolen Life". For those of you who do not know her story she was kidnapped at 11 years old, and held prisoner for 18 years! She was abused, neglected and raped while kidnapped and had two children throughout this time. She lived in a concealed backyard area of a convicted sex offender with parole officers visiting once in a while and always missing the backyard that had sheds and tents where she was held captive.

Before reading the book I had a hard time understanding why she didn't run sooner, why she never yelled, why in the 18 years of captivity didn't she make one effort to escape. After reading the book I was able to understand the manipulation of this man and the fear he had instilled in her so much that once she was found she couldn't even speak aloud her real name and instead had to write it down.

This story was an incredible story about survival and overcoming a terrible situation against all odds.  I found a lot of strength from this book in regard to my own situation. I'm learning to become more accepting of what is happening to me, that it's okay to be sad and that I too will survive.

Everyone who is suffering from IF is put through such a journey. At the minimum I know it's leading me through a path of self discovery. Learning about a strength I knew I never had, and a passion to never give up.

I highly recommend the book, it gives you a different perspective on life and serves as a good reminder to be thankful for the little things.

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miracleintheworks said...

Here from ICLW: I'm going to have to read the book! Thanks for the recommendation.

Kechara said...

Here from ICLW, and I might need to read it too.

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