The Look of Happiness

One thing I forgot to mention. Beyonce pregnant! I watched the VMA's this past weekend and watched her perform and display her baby bump at the end. I don't know that I have ever felt so jealous! The happiness that showed on her face is like nothing I've ever seen. I thought to myself that's what it feels like. I can't wait to feel that one day. I did wonder if she has struggled too. I've never ever seen a celebrity display so much joy announcing their pregnancy. Anyway Beyonce is is due when I would have been due :-( <sigh>  As I see her progress in her pregnancy and have the baby and see the baby grow I'll always remember that.
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Diana said...

You know what... I saw this and it was the FIRST time I felt true jealousy about a celebrity. Sure I've felt jealous when I saw skinny celebs.. lol. But this time, it like really hit me. I didn't feel sad or started to cry but I have her face embedded in my head. I have that GLOW she embraced and It truly made me jealous. Ugh... i hope we get that GLOW also my friend. Actually.. I KNOW we will.

Move over Beyonce... Cyndi and Diana will GLOW EVEN MORE!!!!!!!! hehe

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